How to read other person WhatsApp chat on your phone

It’s worth noting that, while WhatsApp has numerous advantages for ordinary communication, it can also be exploited or used at inopportune times. Do you want to learn how to read other people’s WhatsApp messages on your Android device? That person could be anyone, from your child to your spouse. You can now view what people are conversing about on WhatsApp, but only if you use the appropriate ways. We’ll show you three simple solutions in this article, including a cutting-edge application that allows you to view someone’s WhatsApp chats without their phone. Continue reading to learn more.

WhatsApp is a very private service for someone who owns a smartphone and does not want others to access their private messages. There have been numerous techniques that allow users to read other people’s WhatsApp discussions. However, as WhatsApp grew in popularity, it closed all of those loopholes. We have a method that will allow you to read other people’s WhatsApp messages on your smartphone without being detected. This is not a technological flaw, but rather a simple approach that allows you to do so.

Open WhatsApp Web on Android to track other people’s WhatsApp

WhatsApp web is a service given by WhatsApp’s designers for users who want to use a web browser to access their WhatsApp account. This will show you how to check other people’s WhatsApp chat history on Android. This method makes it incredibly easy to hack into someone’s WhatsApp account, but it also has a number of disadvantages. Let’s have a look at it.

How to Use QR Codes to Check Other People’s WhatsApp Messages


To make this method of reading other people’s WhatsApp conversations function, you must meet the following requirements:

Because the QR code generated will need to be scanned from the target cell phone, you should always have access to it.

You’ll also need to know the target cell phone’s passcode in case it becomes locked.

Here’s how to use WhatsApp Web to view someone’s WhatsApp messages.

1: Open your browser and select “Desktop Version” from the “Settings” option to access other WhatsApp messages on your Android. When you go to, a QR code screen will show

2: Scan the QR code with your phone, and the connection will be automatically established, allowing you to read WhatsApp messages from another device.

3:  Select the Desktop site from the menu in the top right corner.

4: A QR code will appear on the screen for you to scan.

5: Open WhatsApp on the phone of the victim (the one whose communication you wish to read).

6: Select WhatsApp web from the three dots menu.

7; It will launch the phone’s camera; simply scan the QR code that displayed on your phone’s screen earlier.

8: The WhatsApp website will be linked to the account once you scan the QR code.

9: You may now access all of that account’s WhatsApp messages on your phone.

10: After scanning the QR code, What scan will display your victim’s WhatsApp account. You can now do whatever you want with your victim’s WhatsApp account on your phone, such as:

Study the messages.

Messages are sent

Change your profile photo

Change the status of your profile

Send a voice message

Download images, files, and much more to your phone.

2. Minspy

Minspy is a simple and easy solution to keep track of someone’s WhatsApp conversations. The app is unobtrusive and requires no technological expertise to set up or use. You may use the software to read texts on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Minspy includes a powerful WhatsApp message reader.

You can view someone’s WhatsApp conversations from an internet dashboard with Minspy:

Read private communications: On the person’s WhatsApp, you can read all incoming and outgoing private chat messages. Every message has a timestamp, so you can see when a conversation took place.

WhatsApp group messages: Is the person you’re looking for a member of any WhatsApp groups? You can see what they’re up to in their group conversation.

Contact information: On WhatsApp, who is your target talking to? The contact book allows you to look up people’s names, see images of them, see their addresses, email addresses, job descriptions, and much more.

Download the all-media files: Are they using WhatsApp to send photographs or videos? You can save these media files to your computer and watch them later.

What if the target phone user deletes a message that they don’t want anyone to ever see? It’s no problem. Minspy helps in tracking all messages in real time, so you’ll always have access to them. Minspy automatically sends you WhatsApp updates to your internet dashboard on a regular basis.

Minspy is a completely undetectable spy app.

No need to worry about getting discovered when using Minspy. Minspy is a discrete, stealthy WhatsApp spy solution that allows you to monitor your WhatsApp conversations without being detected.

Minspy for Android is a 2MB software. On the target Android phone or tablet, you install the app and then conceal it. Icon vanishes from App Drawer as well as the list of installed programmes

It also operates in the background without consuming any battery power. Due to Minspy’s small size, invisibility and low system resource usage, it is a very covert option.

A web-based app, Minspy’s iOS version is completely web-based. On the target device, you don’t need to download it. Through a web browser, it works

By restoring a backup, you can see other people’s WhatsApp chat history

Google Drive is a service that backs up all of the data on an Android phone, including WhatsApp messages. You can use this to break into other people’s WhatsApp accounts and view their communication history.

There are a few prerequisites for this strategy to function.

You’ll need access to the target phone’s SIM card as well as the phone itself.

You will also need to know the phone’s and SIM’s unlock passwords.

You’ll need a lot of time to do this task, which means you’ll require physical access to the target cell phone.

This is how it actually works.

1: Back up all WhatsApp messages on the target Android phone to Google Drive on the target phone.

2: Then, on your phone, add this account.

3: Complete the installation of the WhatsApp app on your phone using the same SIM card, and then restore all of your WhatsApp messages from the Google Drive backup.

The whole WhatsApp communication history would then be presented to you.


These hacks will allow you to view anyone’s WhatsApp conversation on your phone, which is fantastic. However, make sure to just use these tactics for entertainment purposes and not to violate anyone’s privacy. Our options for reading someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone are simple to use. In minutes, you may begin reading someone’s WhatsApp chats – and monitoring their phone in general.

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