How To Connect Any Wifi Without Password Android

To utilize a free Wi-Fi service, you must first obtain the Wi-Fi router’s security password. You won’t be able to use the Wi-Fi service unless you know the security password. But, what if I told you that you can use Wi-Fi without knowing the password? What would be your reaction? Well, I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful and delightful experience for you. So, in this article, we’ll look at how to join to a Wi-Fi network without a password. But first, how can you join to a Wi-Fi network without a password?

Wi-Fi is quickly becoming one of the most useful tools available. You can use the internet indefinitely if you utilize Wi-Fi. This is a service that can also help you promote your company. Many business owners also offer free Wi-Fi to boost their reputation in the market. They created a password to safeguard their Wi-Fi network from intruders. Wi-Fi is readily available in venues such as restaurants, malls, offices, and cafes.

Wi-Fi was initially introduced in 1997, and it has played an essential part in the development of modern businesses around the world since then. The majority of people nowadays use electronics, and the internet connection is the lifeblood of those gadgets. As a result, Wi-Fi is the most significant tool for providing legal customers with unrestricted high-speed internet access.

How can I join to a WiFi network using a password?

Well, it’s a straightforward procedure that anyone can follow. All you have to do is go into your phone’s settings and turn on Wi-Fi. The next step is to find the name of the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect. Select the name of the Wi-Fi connection by clicking on it. Enter the hotspot’s password to get high-speed, limitless internet on your phone.

How can you join to a Wi-Fi network without a password?

If you don’t know the password to a Wi-Fi network but still want to connect your phone to the routers, there are three options.


QR code

 Router guest mode

So, let’s go over all three methods for connecting to Wi-Fi without a password.

Guest Mode on the Router

This is one of the most effective ways to provide guests with Wi-Fi access without requiring them to enter a password. Keep in mind that in order to connect your Wi-Fi to the guest network, you’ll need a current router that enables guest network connectivity. If your router supports this feature, you can move on to the next step.

So, let’s have a look at the procedures to figure out how to connect to WiFi without a password. Guest Mode on the Router

Go to your computer’s browser and open it. Fill in your router’s IP address. The IP address is stamped someplace on your router, so don’t worry about it.

Now, log in to the router using the administrator credentials you created earlier.

After completing the log-in process, look for the “Guest Network” option. Which can be found someplace on your computer screen.

Open Wireless setting option.

Click the Enable option once you’ve found the “Guest Network” option.

Give your guest network a name after enabling the option stated in the previous step. You can go with a simple name like “Guest” or choose your own name. Set a simple and short password for your guest network, such as “password,” or choose any password that suits your tastes. You can leave it blank if you can’t decide or don’t want to use a password.

For a final confirmation of your setting, click “Save.”


 WPS is an acronym for Wi-Fi P18259381 Setup. WPS refers to the availability of a router that is accessible by guests, allowing them to connect to the router by just tapping a button. It is a popular method for connecting guests to the router without issue.

 It is a contemporary method of connecting that eliminates the need to type a 16-digit password in order to use the Wi-Fi service on your device. The only thing you need is permission to use the router to connect your device.

When you enter the Wi-Fi zone after receiving permission, you can use unlimited Wi-Fi. Anyone standing outside the room or building will not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Do you want to learn how to connect to a Wi-Fi network without a password? Use WPS to guide you through the processes outlined below.

Take your phone out of your pocket. Continue the process by setting from your home screen.

On your phone’s settings, look for an option for an internet setting area.

When you locate the choice, a new Wi-Fi option appears on your phone. Wait for a response after selecting the Wi-Fi option.

Now, on your screen, pick the “Wi-Fi setting” or “Wi-Fi menu” option that displays.

Following these procedures, you will see a new option called “Advanced” appear on your screen. Select the choice and wait for a new page to appear.

You can use this option to connect your device to your WPS network.

A new page appears on your screen, with several alternatives to choose from. You’ll need to look for a setting called “WPS.” After you’ve found the choice, click it right away because you only have 30 seconds to complete this task. If you didn’t complete the process in 30 seconds, you’ll have to go over the steps again. Don’t be in a rush when the WPS option comes on your screen. So, go to WPS and wait for an answer.

You don’t need to complete all of the procedures to reconnect your device to the Wi-Fi router because it is already connected.

Some WPS have buttons, while others have a four-digit pin to connect to. In this instance, you must enter the four-digit PIN found on the router.

You can connect to Wi-Fi without a password this way. This procedure is simple to carry out on Android and Windows devices. Because Apple refuses to grant WPS permission, this solution is not for you if you have an Apple iOS device.

QR code

One of the simplest ways to connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi is to utilise a QR code. You can access Wi-Fi services without entering a password by scanning a QR code. Now, let’s talk about how to join to a Wi-Fi network without a password. With the aid of QR codes.

Take a look at your friend’s PC and click on the browser choice. Once the computer’s browser is opened, look for the QR option on the screen.

A data type menu will appear on the left side of your screen. To log in to your account, look for the radio button option.

When the new page appears on your screen, fill in the network name.

A QR code is generated automatically by the computer. This code must be copied into a sheet.

To scan the code in this phase, you’ll need to use a third-party tool. If you don’t already have a code scanner app, get this one from the Google Play Store (For Android user). If you have an iPhone, you can get the app from the Apple App Store.

Scanning the code with a third-party programmer is now possible. This will connect you to the Wi-Fi network without requiring you to enter a password.

Without a password, you may effortlessly connect your Android or iOS smartphone to the Wi-Fi router. Another method for connecting to a Wi-Fi router without a password exists. So, let’s talk about how to join to a Wi-Fi network without a password.

With the help of a third-party application, you can turn your QR code into an NFC tag and connect to a Wi-Fi network without a password. To complete this task, I recommend that you utilise the Wi-FiKeyShare app.

The Google Play Store is where you can get the app.

Open Wireless setting option.

Open the app after it has been downloaded and wait for a response.

Request that your friend generate the QR code using the instructions outlined above.

Open the app and scan the QR code from the third-party app once the QR code has been produced.

Transform your QR code into NFC tags and send them to your phone now.

You can use the Wi-Fi without a password if you open the NFC tags.

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